Virusolve®+ Disinfectant Wipes (Pack of 225)

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Virusolve®+ Disinfectant Wipes (Pack of 225)

Virusolve®+ Disinfectant Wipes (Pack of 225)

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Virusolve®+ Wipes - Disinfectant Wipes (Pack of 225)

An effective disinfectant against 2019 Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Disinfection and cleaning. • Does not contain chlorine or aldehyde compounds. • Effective over a wide range of pathogens including mycobacteria, viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and moulds, including MRSA, Hepatitis B and HIV. • Effective against the difficult non-enveloped type viruses such as Polio, Adenovirus and Norovirus. • Non-fixative. • Non-corrosive - will not damage delicate coatings. • No activation required. • Cost effective. • No fumes.

Ideal for removing biohazards in hospitals, health centres, dentists, Tattoo Studios,vets, nursing homes, laboratories, food preparation areas and any environment where the risk of cross-infection needs to be eliminated, e.g. cruise ships, offices, pubs, restaurants, disinfecting hairdressing equipment etc.

Ideal for the cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces, walls, floors, and glasswork and for HLD (High Level Disinfection) of medical devices and surgical instrumentation.


General Surface Cleaning and Healthcare Environment: Take a wipe and wipe gently over the whole area to be cleaned. Allow a minimum contact time of 1 minute before wiping clean to remove grease, blood and organic debris. Removal of stubborn deposits may be assisted by the use of a stiff bristle brush. Rinse treated surface with clean water if required. Vinyl surfaces must be rinsed to avoid discolouration.

Note: Food preparation surfaces should be allowed to dry before use.

For Disinfection of medical, surgical and dental instruments and equipment (Manual procedure): Wipe all surfaces of the instrument (preferably disassembled, where applicable) using a pre-impregnated Virusolve+ Wipe and allow the fluid to remain in contact for at least 5 minutes.

Examine the instrument and wipe or brush clean to remove debris that remains.

Rinse treated instrument in sterile, cold water and allow to dry.

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