Tatmetics® Tattoo Pads - Aftercare Pads

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Tatmetics® Tattoo Pads - Aftercare Pads

Tatmetics® Tattoo Pads - Aftercare Pads

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Tatmetics®Tattoo Pads are designed to protect tattoos after tattooing and to absorb excess ink. The pads are attached using skin-friendly tape or plasters and protect tattoos from the sun and environmental influences such as dust or hair. In the acute phase after the tattoo, the pad should be changed every 4 to 6 hours.

Protect fresh tattoos and capture plasma, blood and ink with Tatmetics tattoo pads.

These sterile, highly absorbent cotton pads are individually wrapped in sheets of 33 x 25 cm, ideal for covering a new, clean tattoo.

Each pack contains 8 tattoo pads.

Key Features:

  • Pack of 8 pads
  • Size: 33 x 25 cm
  • Single-use
  • Sterile and highly absorbent
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