Tattoo Armour Aftercare Pads

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Tattoo Armour Aftercare Pads

Tattoo Armour Aftercare Pads

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Tattoo Armour Aftercare Pads

Reduce the need for touch-ups and reduce the color fade after healing. The soft padding offers a more comfortable healing process overall and your client’s will f*king love you for it.

Tattoo Armour Aftercare Pads are so easy to use that anyone can use them. Regardless, we’ve put together an easy visual guide to the perfect process so there wouldn’t be any guesswork involved.



1 - By this it means clean the area of any excess plasma and blood. Use clean gloves when doing so. Remember that a fresh tattoo is an open wound, you definitely want to avoid any form of infection at all costs! Remember that bad healing is bad business.

2 - Gently rub on ointment on the skin. Apply just the amount your skin can actually absorb. If it’s a white mountain, then you’ve overdone it. Your tattoo artist will likely have a recommendation on what local products are the best for this. 

3 - Gently place the pads on the tattooed area. Make sure you cover the tattoo area properly and leave some extra padding between the tattoo area and healthy skin. This prevents any excess plasma and blood from oozing out.

4 - Any kind of tape will do. Just wrap it around the area nice and firm. The pad should be comfortably tight. Do not leave an air gap. In the event that you need to fix the tape on skin, then we recommend using special medical tape as it creates less irritation on the skin.

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