Stencil Stuff® 40 Unit Packs - WAS £22.99 PLUS VAT

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Stencil Stuff® 40 Unit Packs - WAS £22.99 PLUS VAT

Stencil Stuff® 40 Unit Packs - WAS £22.99 PLUS VAT

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Stencil Stuff® 40 Unit Packs

Developed in 2005 by Professional Tattoo Artists who knew there had to be a better way to apply detailed, precision stencils and achieve longer lasting stencil artwork.

Stencil Stuff® is a creamy lotion that has been laboratory formulated and tested to be Non-Toxic and Safe for most skins!

Stencil Stuff® makes the transfer crisper, cleaner and sharper than using all other traditional methods and eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination.


Try Stencil Stuff® one time and you'll wonder how you ever got by without it!

  • 40 Unit Packs same amazing solution that comes in the 4oz/8oz
  • Work station bottle but individually packed in convenient packs
  • Comes with 40 Unit Packs with about 4ml per bag for individual use or multiple applications.
  • Each has a self-closing metering channel so no waste.
  • Ideal for shop owners or artists traveling to events or guest spots



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