Rotary Works The Cart Machine 2.0

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Rotary Works The Cart Machine 2.0

Rotary Works The Cart Machine 2.0

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Tattoo Everything Supplies are proud to be Exclusive UK distributors for Rotary Works

Beautifully made by Dale.
The Cart machine 2.0 is designed to take cartridge plungers as well as any cart grip/standard grip/disposable grip made out there. (Runs amazing with the battery grip).

- Will be supplied with 2 needle bars that will run most cartridge grips.
- Great for solid colour packing, shade and line work.
- Hard hitting and can be run slow or fast.
- Weight: Super light 1.8oz(51g) 
- 3.2mm stroke (pushes singles to 9L, great for black and grey, colour work and stippling).
- 4mm stroke (pushes singles to 18rl, great for solid colour/blackwork, whip shading and stippling).
- Custom 12v MFA motor and RCA ONLY.
- Optimal running voltage 5-10v.


Rotary Works have been making and using rotary tattoo machines since 2002, everything has been designed by Dale over the past 16+ years.  

Specifically made for professional tattoo artists, Rotary Works have a few different models for all aspects of tattooing. 

Machines are built by Dale and Iain by hand.



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