Perfect Stencil Ecotank Printer - Paper

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Perfect Stencil Ecotank Printer - Paper

Perfect Stencil Ecotank Printer - Paper

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Stencil paper

  • 100 sheets
  • Special tracing paper fully compatible with our stencil ink
  • For the best stencil results-
  • High resolution print
  • No smudging
  • Dark and strong application to skin
  • Long lasting stencil


Put plain white paper in the paper try as a base and insert 1 sheet of our stencil paper on top to avoid paper jams

Tips - follow the Epson paper manual instructions , not through the App - make sure to fill the tank all the way to the top - let each step of the process finish properly - load standard printing paper in the tray for the test print -run the head cleaning process after the nozzle check, as advised in the instructions. - after the head cleaning, install the Epson Smart Panel App and connect the printer to the Wi-Fi For your printing: -Load one stencil paper sheet on top of the standard paper, to avoid paper jams - make sure your design is in high resolution and has saturated blacks - for the printing definitions on the app: 1.see that the paper type is - “glossy paper” 2. Choose Color printing 3. Printing quality- “high” Tips for a perfect stencil: - after shaving the skin, make sure to properly clean the skin with rubbing alcohol (70%) to neutralize the ph level on the skin - put the right amount of Stencil Stuff (or other transfer solution) for a dark and crisp stencil transfer - make sure to let the stencil dry for at least 10 minutes Enjoy (: Perfect Stencil

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