ICONSIGN Lash Lifting Kit

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ICONSIGN Lash Lifting Kit

ICONSIGN Lash Lifting Kit

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ICONSIGN Lash Lifting Kit.

2 IN 1 LOTIONS FOR LASH LIFT & BROW LAMINATION – Specially formulated lotions that work wonderfully on lifting both lashes and eyebrows. Diligently tested and approved by Lash & Brows professionals. Create beautiful curled dolly lashes and perfectly shaped fuller, thicker eyebrows with ICONSIGN!

CONTAINS 5 SETS OF LOTIONS – lash lift & brow lamination kit contains 5 x Lifting Lotion, 5 x Setting Lotion, 5 x Nutrition,5 x Cleanser, 5 x Glue– enough for at least 5 treatments!  Fast acting lotions are packed with nourishing ingredients. Enjoy long lasting fabulous results while your natural lashes & brows grow nice & strong. All lotions come in sterile single use sachets for better hygiene and to preserve freshness.

SUPER FAST ACTING PREMIUM LOTIONS – Lifting and Setting lotions have a fast perming time (5-8 mins) which cuts the usual treatment time by more than half 

The gentle formula has a thick cream consistency to improve application control and safety. To complete the lift, apply our collagen rich Nutrition serum for healthy, natural hair growth. It nourishes the eyelashes & brows and restores their natural shine.

LONG LASTING RESULTS & EASY TO USE – The beautiful lift lasts for an entire hair cycle (about a whopping 6-8 weeks!) and is completely maintenance free. Our Lash Lifting tools are suitable for all lash lengths and shapes. Simply select the lift pad that best fits the shape of your eye and then get amazing lifted results

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