DSM/Rotary Works Anodised SUPER-LITE Rotary V2

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DSM/Rotary Works Anodised SUPER-LITE Rotary V2

DSM/Rotary Works Anodised SUPER-LITE Rotary V2

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Aluminium SUPER-LITE


Weighing in at under 80g, runs super smooth with and feels extremely solid and precise! 

Hard Anodise coating to prevent oxidation and last a lifetime, literally! 

Long time in development teaming up with the super awesome guys at Rotary Works to bring you the DSM Rotary machine!

Custom 12v Motor, Precision Bearings along with CNC Body this things is super sharp, light-weight and evenly balanced! Pushes Needles & Cartridges of ALL sizes with ease! 

Armature bar weight can be added to the front and rear of the bar where needed to speed up, slow down and give the machine some serious slap! The ideal setup for stipple / dot shading and whip shading.. Making this as versatile as possible! 

LINING / SHADING / PACKING / STIPPLE with all needle & cartridge groupings this thing WILL handle it all! 

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