Clinell EvaluClean UV Torch Kit

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Clinell EvaluClean UV Torch Kit

Clinell EvaluClean UV Torch Kit

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Clinell EvaluClean UV Torch Kit.

A unique, innovative, completely customizable system, designed to simplify training and auditing around environmental cleanliness around your studio.

The use of a fluorescent marker system in ICU resulted in 40% more surfaces being cleaned**.

EvaluClean fluorescent marker pens & UV Torch 
Our fluorescent gel has been rigorously tested to ensure it remains wipeable from all non-porous hospital surfaces. The ultra-strong 28-LED UV torch provides excellent mark visibility.

Use the fluorescent pens to mark equipment and surfaces and then record their location with the touch of a screen. Set reminders when to check the mark and use the torch to assess whether the invisible fluorescent gel has been cleaned away.

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