BLK Solidifying Powder

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BLK Solidifying Powder

BLK Solidifying Powder

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BLK Powder

Blk powder is the safest, easiest and most efficient way to dispose of your tattoo rinse cup, ink caps and wet waste. Created by clinical waste disposal experts and used by leading tattoo artists world-wide.

Black Powder Solidifier is designed to make the day to day task of keeping your tattoo station more hygienic and easier by eliminating your wet waste.

* Solidifies your liquid waste
* Ideal for studios and traveling artists
* Reduces cross contamination risks

Just simply pour Blk Powder into your rinse cup and your ink caps at the end of the procedure to solidify your wet waste. Wait approximately 30 seconds. Once solid your cups and caps can be disposed of in the same way as your used paper towels and other solid waste. Comes in 25ml,300ml jars and 1 litre tubs.

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