Saferly Dermal Roller

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Saferly Dermal Roller

Saferly Dermal Roller

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One Dermal Roller with Micro Needles by Saferly

Offer your clients a wide variety of benefits for the skin and hair with this Saferly Dermal Roller. This roller is designed for use on your client’s face. It features 540 0.25mm micro needles that roll over the skin, allowing for optimal absorption of serums, lotions, and aftercare, maximizing their benefits.

This Dermal Roller can also be used on the scalp or brow to stimulate hair growth. Plus, over time it can reduce wrinkles and scars while smoothing out imperfections in the skin.


  • Equipped with 540 micro needles
  • Needle Length: 025mm
  • Rolls over the face for micro-needling benefits
  • Increases dermal absorption of serums and lotions for more benefits
  • Also smooths uneven skin texture
  • Can smooth the skin, stimulate hair growth, and lessen wrinkles or scars
  • Ideal for PMU procedures
  • Manufactured by Saferly
  • Price per one dermal roller
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