RAW Pigments Platinum - Dark Metal Gray

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RAW Pigments Platinum - Dark Metal Gray

RAW Pigments Platinum - Dark Metal Gray

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RAW Pigments Platinum - Medium Metal Gray

EU Reach Compliant

Metal Grey Extra Light is the softest opaque grey out of the 4 Metal Greys available from Raw Pigments EU. This colour blends well with the skin when lightened with white or darkened with black.

The Platinum EU Range by Raw Pigments is a line of tattoo inks designed for artists looking for high-quality, vegan and organic tattoo inks.
Building on their decades of experience in ink formulation, Raw Pigments brings you their Platinum EU Range, designed for tattoo artists seeking the finest REACH and EU-compliant ink.

Consistency is a key value for Raw Pigments, ensuring every bottle delivers a perfect match. Their inks are designed for quick, solid saturation, and their colours stay bright long after the tattoo has healed.
The ink is formulated to not dry out in your caps during long sessions or in the bottom of bottles. The ink flows smoothly from any standard tattoo machine, making the application process efficient and easy.

Raw Pigments are meticulously formulated to meet EU safety standards, adhering strictly to REACH and EU guidelines. This commitment ensures artists can craft their stunning tattoo designs with confidence, knowing safety and compliance are never compromised.
Made in the USA and distributed worldwide, Raw Pigments' Platinum Range is designed to be the finest REACH-compliant ink for EU artists.

With Raw Pigments, you can be assured of a superior product that meets the highest safety standards, is better for the environment, and enables you to create stunning tattoos. Experience the Raw quality with Raw Pigments and redefine your tattoo art. 

Vegan • Acrylic-Free • Made in the USA

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