Popu Wireless Rotary PMU Machine - WAS £119.99 PLUS VAT

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Popu Wireless Rotary PMU Machine - WAS £119.99 PLUS VAT

Popu Wireless Rotary PMU Machine - WAS £119.99 PLUS VAT

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Popu Pinki Wireless PMU machine.

Wireless PMU machine with universal cartridge needles.

Designed for micropigmentation & permanent makeup (eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, Microblading and hair tattoo-Scalp)

The LED display will indicate the working voltage ,the minimum is 5V and the maximum is 10V 

Technical Specifications:

MotorJapan Motor

Dimension : 132*18.5mm

Net Weight: 73.25g

MaterialAircaft Aluminum

Battery capacity: 580mAh                                            

Working time: 2 hours                                                 

Length of Stroke : 2.5mm

Suggestion Voltage : 6-8V                  

USB Charging cable included.  

Created and manufactured in China 

30 day replacement warranty from date of purchase for non-functioning batteries only.

Important Notice :

We recommended that use the included charging cable. 

This device don't support fast charging/super fast charging, fast charging may get damage the battery.

Lithium-lon battery packs are partially charged . before using it , after the first time charge the battery pack. 

Packing : one pcs pen machine, two pcs battery , one pcs charger cable. 

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