Perma Blend PMU Perma Pen

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Perma Blend PMU Perma Pen

Perma Blend PMU Perma Pen

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Perma Blend is introducing its first-ever PMU machine, designed to empower the artist of every skill level and provide ultimate comfort and precision without compromise. With a 2.7mm stroke, this pen-style machine offers versatility for a variety of PMU procedures. Beauty and engineering expertise come together to create a high-quality PMU machine designed to deliver consistent results in a compact, ergonomic design

This compact pen-style PMU machine features an ergonomic design, a built-in lockable click grip adjustment, and minimal vibration for ultimate control across a range of permanent make-up treatments.

The 2.7 mm stroke length is perfect for creating clean lines in PMU and depositing pigment deeply enough into the skin. The Perma Blend Perma Pen has an RCA connection at the base for connection to standard power supplies, or with the Microbeau Airbolt Mini power supply for a wireless experience with up to 10 hours of running time.

Lightweight at just 88 g, the Perma Pen comes with voice control capabilities and eGive adjustment through the DarkLab app, and is compatible with universal, Cheyenne-type needle cartridges.

Key Features:

  • Stroke Length: 2.7 mm
  • RCA connection
  • Siri voice control and eGive adjustment through the DarkLab app via Bluetooth
  • Click grip-adjustable needle depth
  • Minimal vibration
  • Up to 10 hours running time when connected to the Airbolt Mini
  • Compatible with universal, Cheyenne-type needle cartridges
  • Grip tapers from 22 to 16 mm
  • Length: 93 mm
  • Weight: 3.1oz
  • Made in the USA
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