Dermalize Pad - Sterilized Absorbent Pads

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Dermalize Pad - Sterilized Absorbent Pads

Dermalize Pad - Sterilized Absorbent Pads

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DERMALIZE PADS – Sterilized Absorbent Pads

DERMALIZE PADS are a CLASS II a (sterile) MEDICAL DEVICE registered with the Italian Ministry of Health (Reg. 1991066/R and Reg. 1991067/R). Sterile high absorbency dressing made of cotton with laminated polyurethane. Packed individually.Sterility guaranteed unless package is opened or damaged.

Dermalize Pads are sterile, high-absorbency pads made of cotton that are to be used as part of the aftercare process to care for your fresh tattoo.

Single-use product. in two size: 10cm  x 15cm or 15cm x 20cm

Boxes with 100pcs


HOW TO USE IT: apply the pad on the tattoo at the end of the sitting and fix it with Dermalize Protective Tattoo Film. Repeat the procedure in the following hours or day, if necessary.

WARNING: Single-use product to be disposed of per your local council  regulations.

STORAGE: keep it in a cool and dry place, at distance from heat or humidity.It does not contain latex.

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