Bishop Rotary - Black Disposable Wand Grips

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Bishop Rotary - Black Disposable Wand Grips

Bishop Rotary - Black Disposable Wand Grips

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Bishop Rotary Black Disposable Wand Grips 


Pair your Bishop Rotary Wand tattoo machine with the ergonomic Bishop Rotary Wand disposable grips. These disposable tattoo grips are made from non-slip medical grade rubber on the outside and high-strength plastic on the inside. Featuring ergonomic finger grooves on the exterior, these grips make tattooing with your Wand even more comfortable.

The Bishop Rotary Wand disposable tattoo grips also make tattooing more efficient, allowing you to adjust your needle depth with a simple turn of the grip. Every 360° turn makes a 1.5mm change, so you can adjust your needle depth up to 5mm. Use these disposable tattoo grips with all your favorite cartridge needles and any Bishop Rotary Wand tattoo machine, including the Liner, Packer, and Shader models.
Box quantity- 15 grips per box (excluding 2” which is 10)


More In depth Look

  1. Textured nonslip medical grade rubber outside and high strength plastic inside.
  2. All-new ergonomic shape to give maximum comfort and the most natural fit for your hands.
  3. Finger grooves that allow for more support and help to relieve hand fatigue.
  4. Needle depth control 0 - 5mm. Sticks out 1.5mm per 360° turn.
  5. Will fit all models of the Bishop Wand (Shader, Packer and Liner)
  6. Compatible with all vartridge needles
  7. Available in 3/4", 1”, 1.25”, and the extra thick 2” grip.


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