Sharpie Markers Assorted 30 Set

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Sharpie Markers Assorted 30 Set

Sharpie Markers Assorted 30 Set

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Sharpie Assorted Colours.

Perfect for filling in where the stencils missed or when going all out freehand.

Sharpie Pack 30 Markers Special Edition

  • Sharpie permanent markers provide maximum levels of colour and permanence and allow you to transform conventional surfaces into enthusiastic creative expressions.
  • Thanks to their intense, bright colours, these markers deliver vivid, impactful results on paper, plastic, metal and most surfaces. 
  • Marked surfaces: leather, fabrics, plastic, ceramics, paper, etc.
    Sharpie's iconic, original and unmistakable permanent marker ink dries quickly and resists wear and tear and contact with water.
  • The ink leaves permanent marks on most surfaces.
  • Durable blocking tip
  • Fade and water resistant colouring ink.
  • Fast drying ink
  • Xylene and toluene free
  • Imitations don't last, but Sharpie marker creations last forever. The revolutionary ink cap system allows them to write for up to 14 days when left uncapped.
  • Designed to impress, Sharpie permanent markers will bring out your bold side.
  • Fine tip for precise lines, adding optimum accuracy and delivering ink smoothly.


  • - 20 fine markers.
  • - 10 ultrafine markers.
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