Electra V3 Lauro Paolini Tattoo Machine - WAS £295 PLUS VAT

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Electra V3 Lauro Paolini Tattoo Machine - WAS £295 PLUS VAT

Electra V3 Lauro Paolini Tattoo Machine - WAS £295 PLUS VAT

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Electra V3


Lauro Paolini Tattoo Machine

After the great success of the Electra rotary tattoo machine, Lauro Paolini present the latest version revised in the drawing. Electra 3 is your loyal companion. Designed by Lauro Paolini in 2012, Electra V. 1 has undergone a chassis restyling while maintaining its 12v and 11,000 RPM engine with the 12-month Made in Italy warranty. The Electra 3 is made of a piece of aerospace aluminum (ergal) which is milled from a four-axis machining center (CNC), which finishes the piece without any kind of shooting. Anodized color available in black and red. Lauro Paolini machine are designed for large professionals who make it a daily use for many hours, and for this reason the Electra 3 is very lightweight (weighs 100 grams) and thanks to the material and engine used it has no vibration on the wrist,

You can easily fit disposable needle holder tubes and the Electra 3 machine continues to be perfectly balanced and lightweight. We have a needle bar locking system that, besides removing the elastic, gives the needle an absolute stability that allows it, unlike most rotary machines, to perform precise lines such as a machine coils. Equipped with a high-precision slide, the 4mm needle travel makes it ideal for every type of work, both for lines and for colour and shades. Compared to previous versions, Electra 3 mounts an RCA connector like most Rotary Machines.


  • Italian Engine: 12 Volt
  • Needle stroke: 4.00 mm
  • Connection: Built-in RCA in frame
  • Recommended maximum voltage: 12V
  • Recommended working range: 6 to 10V
  • Frame: CNC machining center aluminum - anodized color
  • Weight: 100gr
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