Therma Tekk Stencil Bond

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Therma Tekk Stencil Bond

Therma Tekk Stencil Bond

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Therma Tekk  Stencil Bond. 

Introducing the new exclusive to Tattoo Everything Supplies the Stencil Purple Bond Gel from Therma Tekk

The perfect combination for the now renowned Therma Tekk purple thermal printer paper.

But also the Stencil bond is perfect with any other thermal printer paper on the market today.


Instructions for use:

Place the transfer gel into gloved hand, applied to the transfer to the place of where your piece of art is being done. (Evenly, not too wet).

This time the transfer pattern is transferred to the skin place, hold 3-5 seconds, and then remove the transfer pattern, waiting for 8-10 seconds, then of you go producing your work of art.

Comes in a 4oz and 8oz Bottle.

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