Silverback Ink® 6-666 Greywash

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Silverback Ink® 6-666 Greywash

Silverback Ink® 6-666 Greywash

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Silverback Ink 6-666 Grey Wash Series 

When it comes to finding the perfect greywash set there are a lot of different things you look at; the quality of the ink is of course very important, the consistency of the results after healing needs to be considered and of course the particular shade of grey that the ink is going to leave you with needs to be taken into account. If you’re looking for a darker grey than you might usually find then this is certainly going to be an attractive product for you, because the Silverback Ink® 666 Greywash Set offers three of the darkest greywash colours you will ever find, and these heal consistently dark. This set features three different shades of grey, all darker than the previously established, and previously darkest, shade of XXX4. This is a strong and high quality colour, not to mention a completely vegan friendly ink which makes it an appealing option to have on hand for the benefit of your vegetarian or vegan customers

Pre-mixed so you will always have consistent grey wash tones - no more guessing. However they can also be diluted to suit your tattooing needs. To help, these will remain wetter for longer and will not dry up in your ink cups during tattooing. Guaranteed even healing and perfect results every time!

Sterile ink
Compliant with European Standards
Made in the USA and the Netherlands sterilized

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