Saferly Skull Ink Caps - Biodegradable

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Saferly Skull Ink Caps - Biodegradable

Saferly Skull Ink Caps - Biodegradable

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Make your setup eco-friendlier with Saferly Skull Eco Ink Caps. Crafted from biodegradable wheat straw, these ink caps naturally break down within 180 days, leaving no harmful pollutants behind. These ink caps have an edgy human skull design, giving your setup more personality. 

The Skull ECO Ink Caps are size #16 with bases measuring around 16mm in length. 

  • Made from biodegradable wheat straw 
  • Breaks down in 180 days, no harmful pollutants left behind 

These ink caps are size #16 (~16mm) and can store a large amount of your tattoo ink for your next session. 

  • Skull-shaped ink caps
  • Wheatstraw
  • Colour: Eco
  • Size: #16 (Large); ~16mm
  • Skull-designed ink caps
  • Made by Saferly
  • Sold as one bag of 200


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