Fusion Ink Evan Olin Signature Set 1oz

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Fusion Ink Evan Olin Signature Set 1oz

Fusion Ink Evan Olin Signature Set 1oz

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Fusion tattoo ink is one of the brightest and best tattoo inks that you’ll find in use today, and is quickly becoming one of the preferred inks for true professionals to make use of. Fusion tattoo ink comes from Adam Everett, a long standing producer of some of the most easily applied pigments since 1995. However, Fusion brings something new to the table, offering tattoo artists the following:

  • The highest pigment load of any current tattoo ink
  • Full vegan approval, thanks to the use of organic pigment
  • A lack of fillers: what you get is guaranteed to be high quality


The Fusion tattoo ink range includes a vast assortment of vibrant colours, and more are being added on a regular basis. Body Shock sell Fusion ink in colour sets of between 25-66 colours, or according to specific palettes and shades. These palettes include pastel, muted and flesh tones, along with greywash ink to allow varying contrasts. You can even buy a 12 bottle sample set, but once you’ve tried out this fantastic brand we feel sure that you’ll want to make it your default choice. You’ll both see and feel the difference. It really is no secret why the world’s top tattoo artists swear by Fusion


Pack colours include: Dusk, Espresso, Green Machine, Purple Haze, Rosey Cheeks, Shadow Core, Storm Shadow, Sun Kissed, Warm Skin and Zombie Gray.

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