Ever After Eyeliner Pigment 15ml

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Ever After Eyeliner Pigment 15ml

Ever After Eyeliner Pigment 15ml

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Ever After Pigments come in sealed, pre-sterilised, 15ml bottles.

Vegan friendly and made with only organic ingredients.

Ever After Pigment is based on a high-quality body tattoo ink formula which was then modified for cosmetic application to be the safest for PMU and thin and sensitive skin susceptible to migration, as well as scarred or radiated areas.

This Eyeliner Pallett has been put together to cover the most popular Eyeliner colour pigments.

8 Colour bottles of Ever After Pigments to choose that give the greatest mixable range for all skin types.

Following pigments: Enchanted Onyx, Briar Patch, Dark Grimm, Karma, Fauna, Underworld, Soothsayer & Labyrinth.

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