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Cheyenne Sol Luna Drive Rotary Tattoo Machine

Cheyenne Sol Luna Drive Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Cheyenne Sol Luna is a high-performance rotary that is quieter and vibrates less than conventional tattoo machines. The Sol Luna is fitted with a powerful brushless DC motor that packs a punch and offers better ink saturation. In addition, the smooth and soft running of the machine allows for a faster healing process.
Cheyenne’s Sol Luna is able to run on low speeds from 25 Hz. Operate the machine on lower speeds for styles such as dotwork and colour realism, or turn it up higher for fuller and more intense lines.
The Cheyenne Sol Luna offers a 2.5 mm stroke length, which optimises its ability for black and grey shading, and an adjustable needle depth up to 4.0 mm.
This machine has two operating modes: HardDrive and the new SENSIDRIVE function. These modes allow you to choose between working at a controlled or regulated speed by altering the motor control.
With the HardDrive function, your machine will run at a controlled speed, with no give and a consistent hard hit.
Turning the SensiSwitch will enable the new SENSIDRIVE function, meaning that the speed of the machine will be adjusted depending on the surface that you’re tattooing. This is due to the motor reacting more sensitively to the resistance of the skin.
The overall purpose of SENSIDRIVE is to emulate give. If you’re tattooing a tougher area on the skin, your machine will have a harder hit. If you’re tattooing a softer part of the body, your machine hit will be softer.
Like all machines from Cheyenne, the Sol Luna is of the highest quality, very durable, and is easy to wrap and clean. It also features a protected 3.5 mm jack connection at the bottom of the machine.
The Sol Luna can be used with all Cheyenne grips that feature a screw-on-vice.
Key Features:
Colour: Black
Quieter and vibrates less than conventional machines
Powerful brushless DC motor for better ink saturation
Smooth and soft running for faster healing
Operating frequency: 25 – 150 Hz
Nominal voltage: 5 to 12.6 V
2.5 mm stroke – suitable for black and grey shading
Adjustable needle depth: up to 4.0 mm
Protected 3.5 mm jack connection
Two operating modes: HardDrive and SENSIDRIVE (emulates give)

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