Cheyenne PU4 (Power Unit IV) power supply

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Cheyenne PU4 (Power Unit IV) power supply

Cheyenne PU4 (Power Unit IV) power supply

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Cheyenne PU4 (Power Unit IV)

The Cheyenne PU4 power supply has been developed together with renowned tattoo artists. Particular emphasis was placed on ergonomics when working, intuitive operation and a handy design.

The PU4 power supply was equipped with a magnetic rear and bottom and a stand. It is therefore versatile and practical to accommodate at any working place.

With this power supply the low frequency operation of the Cheyenne Sol machines can be fully exploited. And of course, machines from other manufacturers can also be easily operated via an adapter cable.

The stitch frequency can be displayed as a bar graph or as a classic indication of the voltage.

Foot switches can now be operated with the new PU4 power supply in two different modes. In the Latched Mode (continuous operation) the machine can be switched on and off. In the Momentary Mode the footswitch must be kept pressed during tattooing.

Furthermore, a timer is available to keep track of the working time.

The information at a glance:
•    Compact, ergonomic and intuitively operable power supply
•    Ideal for the low frequency operation of Cheyenne Sol machines
•    Versatile installation options thanks to magnetic rear and bottom and attachable stand
•    2 modes for foot switch operation: Latched and Momentary
•    Display of stitch frequency as bar graph or volt value
•    Timer for measuring the working time
•    Compatible with machines from other manufacturers (adapter not included)
•    Quality made in Germany

Technical data:
•    Operating Voltage: 4.7-12.5 V DC
•    Power Input: max. 10 W
•    Operating Mode: Continuous operation
•    Dimensions (L x W x D): 87 x 76 x 28 mm
•    Weight: approx. 150 g
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