Radiant Ink - 97 Full Colour Ink Set

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Radiant Ink - 97 Full Colour Ink Set

Radiant Ink - 97 Full Colour Ink Set

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Radiant Full 97 Colours Set.

Set Includes : White,Super White,Thunder Violet Real Black,Tribal Black,Turbo Black,Cool Gray,Gray,Candy Red,Flaming Red,Cherry,Light Red,Rodeo Red,Scarlet Red,Crimson Red,Magenta,Deep Red,Raspberry,Cream Green,Medium Green,Pistachio Green,Irish Green,Mint Green,Leaf Green,Emerald,Deep Green,Matcha Green,Reef Green,Aquamarine,Sky Blue, Blue,Slate Blue,Celestial,Country Blue,Electric Blue,Navy Blue,Hollywood Turquoise,Midnight Blue,Royal Blue,Baby Pink,Bubblegum Pink,LA Pink,Fushia,Malibu Pink,Sprinkle Pink,Mexican Rose,Camel,Brown,Dark Brown,Coco,Chocolate,Coffee Brown,Wineberry,Sienna,Copper,Tiger Orange,Coral,Bright Yellow,Corn,Deep Burgundy,Bamboo,Vanilla Yellow,Grape,Poppy Orange,Banana,Honey Yellow,Canary Yellow,Mango Yellow,Saffron,Pale Flesh,Flesh,Bright Orange,Tomato,Plum,Violet,Clever Grey,Slick Grey,Deep Purple,Lavender,Frosting,Medium Brown,Nugget,Old Brown,Olive,Periwinkle,Jasmine,Purple Haze,Salmon,Santa Monica Blue,soft Blue,Steel Blue,Sunset Blvd,Teal,El Rojo,Honey Yellow,Velvet Purple,Sly Grey and Indigo .

Radiant have been working closely with tattoo artists all over the globe to produce a solid, long lasting, and outstanding brilliant colour.

Radiant is produced in the good old USA to the highest quality and standards of today, using the latest technology in the ink making field.

Sterilised and made with pure, uncut homogenised pigment.

Radiant ink is made with a homogenic fluid mix which throws a solid, long lasting colour.

Radiant ink is classed as one of the best tattoo inks on the market today.



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