Silverback Ink® InstaBlack - 4oz

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Silverback Ink® InstaBlack - 4oz

Silverback Ink® InstaBlack - 4oz

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Silverback XXX White.

Silverback Ink® goes into the skin smooth, fast and even!! Silverback Ink® mixes well with most colours!!

All of the ingredients used in Silverback Ink® are of the highest quality.

Precisely formulated by a professional tattoo artist with 21+ years in the business for accuracy and consistency.

Create YOUR signature series using Silverback Ink®

InstaBlack is the newest ‘blacker than black’ from Silverback Ink® which works great for everything from lines to solid fill, to shading and diluting for grayscale.



  • Will not dry out in your cap.
  • Goes into the skin as easily as it wipes off.
  • Processed in a sterile facility.
  • Made in USA.


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