World Famous Ornamental Greywash Ink Set by Ryan Smith

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World Famous Ornamental Greywash Ink Set by Ryan Smith

World Famous Ornamental Greywash Ink Set by Ryan Smith

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This new Ornamental grey wash ink set by Ryan Smith

4 different shades of black washes: Dark, Medium, Light and Ultralight.

Artist Info:

Multi International Award Winning Artist, Ryan Smith aka “The Scientist”, has been making tidal waves in the tattoo industry with his innovative, “scientific” style. Ryan Smith’s mind-blowing work often features a combination of brilliant gemstones, dot work, black work, henna, and realism.

What’s his secret? Besides raw talent, hard work, and years of experience, it seems he has a firm handle on his perspective as an artist: “Sometimes in life, you have to look at things from a different perspective. Creativity within the human mind involves breaking out of traditional established patterns in order to look & see things in a different way” – Ryan Smith


World Famous Tattoo Ink brings you premium quality tattoo ink with super high pigment content and an amazing flow rate. World Famous Ink flies into the skin and heals super-fast. With a massive palette of colours for all of your great artwork, this ink will make your job as an artist much easier, and make your art really pop!

  • Contains zero animal products
  • Never tested on animals
  • Better for immunity and overall health
  • More reliable and safer on skin
  • Longer lasting ink and better vibrancy



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