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This amazing dot box can help turn any coil machine into a dot machine for making Dotwork Tattoos using controlled intermittent power bursts.

Speed arrange is 40 50 60 70 80Hz, the Dot Box is simple and easy to use! It simply plugs directly into your power supply then into your machine.


Additional Information:

  •  The Dot Box works best with medium or slow, hard hitting liners or shade machine
  • Quick and zippy light hitting machines are not as effective
  • Best dots are made using Tight Rounds....Loose Rounds seem to blow out a little bit
  • Some machines need to be turned up a Volt or two for better results
  • It can be used on rotary machine, but not recommended, it will affect the motor life
  • Timing of the tattoo machine when in use with the Dot Box will create various rhythms and patterns, adjust voltage and Dot Box Delay for varying performance and effect
· Match hand speed to the intermittent power bursts to ensure clean dot patterns....if the Dot Box is at a slow setting you will need to move slower, fast setting move faster

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