Intenze Ink Formula 23 10oz - WAS £39.50 PLUS VAT

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Intenze Ink Formula 23 10oz - WAS £39.50 PLUS VAT

Intenze Ink Formula 23 10oz - WAS £39.50 PLUS VAT

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INTENZE Tattoo Ink.

So what makes Formula 23 so superior? First, this is an extremely fast running product. It can keep up with a quick hand without feeling like it's running out of gas when you're pulling fast lines. Secondly, it's an extremely dense black that also breaks down nicely into a perfect Grey for any type of shading. Making Formula 23 a superior lettering ink that also performs just as effectively as a standard solid black tattoo ink. Also this is an ink that really wipes clean, so stencils won't be lost and time won't be wasted removing excess ink.

Each bottle of Intenze Ink contains the science and soul of tattoo.

From the original homemade ink Mario Barth created in his kitchen and tested on himself to the advanced formulas Intenze make in their Clean Room today (which Mario still tests on himself).

Advancements in science and technology mean they can make an ink that actually performs better—under any condition and on any skin.

INTENZE employs a third party lab of qualified biochemists who are in charge of the testing and sterilization of INTENZE tattoo inks.

A good ink that goes in easy and stays bright is just the start.

INTENZE ink is also a 100% vegan product.

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