Cheyenne Hawk Craft Cartridges - 10 Pack

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Cheyenne Hawk Craft Cartridges - 10 Pack

Cheyenne Hawk Craft Cartridges - 10 Pack

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Cheyenne Hawk Craft Cartridges

Check out the new highly affordable needle cartridge option by Cheyenne!

Introducing the Craft Cartridge. These needles maintain all of the popular traits of the original Cheyenne Safety Cartridges, including the safety membrane and an easy change and replacement system.

These new Craft Cartridges are manufactured from a single mold. This helps keeps the costs down.

They are constructed from single-use disposable, medical grade plastic tips for safe, hygienic use every time. Just like the Cheyenne Safety cartridges, the Cheyenne Craft Cartridge Needles do not abrade over time, which prevents eroded grit from entering your client’s bloodstream during tattoo procedures.

BOX OF 10.


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