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Maori,Polynesian & Mandala Pack of 2 Books


Tribal: Maori & Polynesian Flash Book

A legendary land, full of nature, wildlife and traditions, Polynesia has captured the hearts of many travellers. Perhaps that is one of the reasons Polynesian tattoos are becoming more and more popular. But what is the difference between Polynesian and Maori?

“Polynesian tattoos” actually include designs from various cultures, including Maori. Polynesia is a geographical area of Oceania which takes in New Zealand (the Maori homeland), Hawaii and Easter Island; it is made up of islands and archipelagos and in fact the name itself means “many islands” and thus many lands, cultures and traditions, each with its own special characteristics.

Western tattooing has embraced these tribal cultures and reinterprets them in a melting pot, a mixture of influences and styles. And that’s not all.

In many tattoo studios, all over the world, there are artists who specialise in tribal tattoos.

Here you’ll find tattoo designs for half sleeves, full sleeves, elbows, chests, lower backs, calves, feet and ankles and much more besides, with our suggestions for the best place to position your tattoo on your body.

64 pages, 21x28 cm, 400 tattoo designs

Mandalas & Ornamental Tattoo Flash Book

Sacred geometry gives an instant impression of harmony and elegance. One of the best known sacred shapes is the mandala, the coolest tattoo of the moment. Furthermore, it's done in black or else with two colours (today we're loving the red & black combination) while dotwork is the most popular style.
Ornamental tattoos can have many sources: sacred geometry, the decorations found in temples and churches, the mehndi/henna style, Renaissance flower styles, the baroque and other eras.
In this collection you'll find lots of ideas for tattooing a mandala or ornamental to great effect, a way to celebrate sacred geometry on your skin!

64 pages, 21x28 cm. Over 200 tattoo designs in the most contemporary and alternative styles: dotwork, red & black, black & grey and colour.


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